Pure Water Window Cleaning

Clean Windows With Water 

Window cleaning has been a thriving industry for more than a hundred years, not just in Australia but in the US and Europe. There are certain buildings and structures which need professional window cleaners. Back in the day, professional window cleaner’s major tool to clean was water, soap a rag and a ladder. In the 1900s, the squeegee was invented to help professional window cleaners clean windows. This has been a long traditional practice which some window cleaners still do today.

But certainly pure water cleaning is the by far the newest and best innovation there is to the window cleaning industry.

The  Pure Water Cleaning System

This next revolution pure water cleaning system is a reach and wash system using pure water, cleaning bristles and a very long water-fed pole. This type of cleaning method is a reach and wash system wherein there is no need for a ladder but allows cleaners to clean windows up to 60 feet from the ground without their feet stepping on a ladder. The main component of this process is the pure water itself.

The traditional way of cleaning windows is by the use of tap water. Pure water cleaning system uses water which is 000PPM purity reading. That’s the purest water can be. Tap water has either a 050PPM reading (soft water) or 400PPM (hard water) which contain different sediments and minerals. Although these sediments and minerals are not harmful for the human body to take, this residue leaves spots and marks on a window glass.

What makes pure water the best type of water to clean windows is that it never leaves that irritating mark on the glass. Pure water passes 5 stages of filtration – until the water becomes 0 parts per million of total dissolved solid. That is no more minerals and sediments left in the water, which is why when using pure water to clean windows, there is no need to dry it out with a squeegee or a rug. It can dry off on its own without leaving marks on the window. That’s the miracle of using pure water to clean windows.

How is it Better Than the Conventional Method?

Speed – there is no more setting up of ladders and going up and down ladders. You get to clean windows in half the time a traditional window cleaning method takes.

Can be used in all types of cleaning – This method can be used for both large commercial windows to small suburban houses. Hard to reach windows are now easy to access – Glass roofs like conservatories are easier to clean.

By far, it is the safest way to clean windows – It eliminates the use of ladders which makes it safe for the window cleaner and everyone else in the building. This is why it is recommended and highly required by commercial building owners.

No Residues! –  And most importantly, there are no residues left behind after cleaning the window. The purest water gives this primary benefit.



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