Prepare Your Pub For June 1 Opening

Cautiously the Australian government are lifting restrictions. This is great news for the Australian hospitality business which has had it pretty rough over the past few months.  In NSW, pubs and restaurants are open from June 1 for up to 50 patrons with some physical distancing constraints. To help you get ready, here are our top 5 tips to prepare your pub for June 1 opening!

Get a thorough detailed clean

Contact a local commercial cleaner who can come in and do a detailed clean with hospital-grade, anti-viral disinfectant.  Make sure your cleaner follows the three-step cleaning process of detergent, disinfectant and finally sanitisation. A mop and bucket are not enough, you will want to make your patrons feel safe.

You will also need to carry out frequent cleaning of tables, bar areas and bathrooms. The presence of a cleaner or seeing waitstaff clean will also give a level of comfort and peace of mind to your patrons.

Each patron must have at least four-square-metres of space

You may think that you can just divide up the sqm of the floor plan, but that won’t work for you. Instead, think about where your patrons will sit and your furniture. Work out how many can sit at a large garden table for example and pop a sign to indicate the number. Some bright coloured tape, posters or physical distancing dots can also be bought to clearly mark out where people should be seated as chairs and stools can often be picked up and moved.

Bookings can be no larger than 10 people

This one is self-explanatory. However, don’t be tempted to overbook and break the rules. Watch out for groups who may know each other, but book out two groups of 10. A tip is to only take one booking of 10 per night to be sure.  Not you are finally open, you don’t want to risk fines or being closed down.

prepare your pub for June 1 opening

No patrons will be allowed to stand, mingle or dance

Signage is key here. Don’t expect patrons to follow, or even know what the rules are. The responsibility will need to sit with the licensee. Make sure that you prepare your pub for June 1 opening by ensuring that your staff are fully briefed on rules.  In particular, your security guards will need detailed instructions so they can enforce restrictions. Use your website and social media channels to set the expectations with your customers before they arrive to save hassle later. Also, run a tight RSA.  Customers have been in lockdown for a while and after a few drinks, they may get excitable and want to dance.

Shared cutlery and buffets are also banned

For most pubs, restaurants should be pretty safe. However, make sure you remove shared starters and meals from your menu and replace with single person size portions. Wait staff must pick up empty plates and glasses in a timely manner so that customers aren’t tempted to collect other customers used glasses and plates.

There you have it! Five essential things you need to do to prepare your pub for June 1 opening.



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