How to remove graffiti effectively

Graffiti can be a real pain to remove, and if it’s a statement or obscenity it can also cause distress.  When this happens, it can trigger a knee-jerk reaction to remove graffiti as quickly as possible and by any means.  This can cause long term damage to your property or building facade.  Finding out how to remove graffiti effectively can have you prepared and ready to go should an unfortunate incident occur.

Graffiti on a painted wall

There are plenty of speciality off the shelf graffiti products available, but when it comes to graffiti on a painted wall, the easiest and most effective option is to just paint over the offending area. You might want to choose a darker colour (A clean white wall is far too tempting for graffiti artists), or better still, have an artist of your choice put something great on the wall. If there is already amazing artwork on display, it is unlikely to be trashed.

Graffiti on Cement or building facades

Removing spray paint from more porous surfaces is a little tricker.  Speak to your commercial cleaner who may have access to high-pressure water or sandblaster equipment.  These methods are quite effective, however, needs a well-trained hand to deliver the best result possible.  Avoid using toxic, abrasive or caustic chemicals as this can not only put your health in danger but also irrevocably damage the surface and brickwork of your building. If you are using any paint removing chemicals, ensure you have adequate PPE protection.

Prevention is the answer

Is the same area is constantly hit with tags and graffiti? You may want to think about what you can do to prevent or deter repeat offences.  Can you plant trees, hedges or bush rows across a wall, or install CCTV and warning signs in areas which are blind spots and therefore a haven for artists to vandalise property at night.

Graffiti vandalism can be a real pain for building managers to deal with.  With rising protests and rallies in our cities, it pays to speak to your commercial cleaner and have a plan in place for swift, safe removal.



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