How to keep a green sustainable company?

See how to keep your green clean office - Clean Focus tips, tricks

Tips on how to keep a green clean office

Here are 4 tips on keeping a green clean office:

1. Hire a green conscious cleaning company to clean your office space

Nowadays there is a way to keep your office clean in the most green way as possible. Clean Focus is all about cleaning the green way and our cleaning products are specifically chosen to be non-harmful to the environment. We also use cutting edge cleaning technology to use the greener cleaning equipment. Get a quote from us today.

2. Keep green cleaning products

The cleaning company you hire should use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning fluids. This will ensure that the harmful chemicals that are usually put into non-green chemical detergents are not used in your office area and they will not be released into the air too. In ensuring this you are considering the pollutants and chemicals that can harm the environment. Read the product label of the cleaning detergent you are buying. If you are buying a dishwashing liquid for example you can choose a green product that uses natural cleaning elements like lemon essence.

3. Keep plants in your offices

This is a simple green office hack. The plants that you choose to keep in the office remove carbon dioxide from the air and keep it clean. Plants will be aesthetically pleasing in your office too for a greener, natural look that is calming and soothing to employees too. Consult your local nursery or find an indoor office plant management team to advise you on the best plants according to natural light availability in your office area.

4. Keep your staff up to date on your green policies

Make sure your staff are aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals found in general cleaning products and aerosol cans. Create a policy in your office that restricts or bans the use of harsh cleaning chemicals found in cleaning products and aerosol cans. If your staff are on board about the green collective consciousness that you have they will appreciate your efforts to be eco-friendly. If you keep chemical free soaps in your washrooms and chemical free products in your cleaning storeroom you are going green in a good way too!

See tips how to keep green clean office

In choosing to enlist our services at Clean Focus you are investing in cleaning your own premises the green way with our eco-conscious means of delivering the best possible green clean for your office.



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