How To Clean Your Doonas, Blankets, and Pillows

cleaning donnas and quilts

We all bunker down in winter, bringing out the heavier doona’s and adding an extra blanket on the bed, or a set of snuggly throws for the couch. But, as the weather starts to turn and Spring emerges, it’s time to put away the winter warmers, but they need a good was first!

Most Australians don’t have large washing machines and dryers, so we need to get a bit creative when it comes to washing large doona’s, especially Queen or Kingsize covers. The last thing you want is to bring out your blankets next winter and discover they are all yellow and musty, gross! So, how do you tackle these winter beasts and clean your doonas thoroughly?

how to clean your doona's


Pillows can have all sorts of fillings, from memory foam, bamboo mix, feathers and synthetic fibres.  You can put them individually in the washing machine, but there is a risk of them not coming out quite the same. They tend to clump and lose their ‘puff’ and you want your pillows to remain comfortable. A good tip is to spot clean them every 3 months to keep them fresh and retain their structure.

Fill a sink or bowl with warm soapy water and spot clean any stains that appear and generally give them a scrub all over. Pop them outside to dry in the fresh air and you’ll have new pillows again! You can also add a drop of essential oils such as lavender to give a calming scent which will help you get a peaceful nights sleep.

Doonas Quilts and Blankets

Blankets and Doonas are lovely to snuggle under on a cold Sunday morning, but they are bulky and heavy to clean.  You can take them to the local dry cleaners, but we have some tips on how you can clean your doona at home.  Fill your bath with warm water and add some body wash or shampoo (this is easier to rinse than laundry detergent). Pop your doona or quilt in the bath and then take your socks off!  Think grape treading and hope in that bath and stomp away. Not only will the body wash and shampoo remove skin flakes, body oils, pet hair and sweat. Your feet will get a mini spa treatment too! Drain the bath and stomp away some more to drain the water and hang outside to dry. This method will avoid the filling clumping and splitting.

Be sure to give your quilt a really good shake before you hand out to dry to keep the filling even and fluffy.

remove pet hair clean your doona's

Wool Doonas Need Extra Care

Any wool products need extra care, so it’s wise to invest in dry cleaning for these items, otherwise, you risk ruining your bedding. Same goes for silk, don’t take the risk and get expert advice.

If you’re short on time you can also ask your home cleaner to clean your doonas and bedding for you too, as part of their regular visit.

how to was your doona's



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