Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Commercial Cleaning Company

Finding the right commercial cleaner is important in finding the best service available for the space that you need to be cleaned. There are various factors that you need to take into consideration in order to follow a process that will reap the best results. We have provided you with a series of steps to follow that will be your go-to-guide in order to find the best commercial cleaners possible. After you have gone through the steps according to your needs you will see that there are a host of commercial cleaners available to choose from. As you know we offer a thorough service and Clean Focus has considered the various steps here in our own business. So be sure to consider using our services as we focus on being consumer-centric and we are meticulous in our cleaning. We have a strong team that do the physical aspects of the job, we are efficient, we work at a fast pace and meet your deadlines, we aim high and aspire to find the best possible mechanisms to clean your space. Our quotes are detailed and at a reasonable rate for our quality service offering. Be it commercial cleaning, washroom maintenance, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, stripping and sealing floors, rubbish removal, general cleaning we have got you covered. Here are the steps to follow to find your personal favourite commercial cleaning company

How to choose a commercial cleaner


The first step to finding a commercial cleaner is to ask a friend, a neighbouring busineess for a cleaning referral. Furthermore if you can find a cleaner who is providing services in the same building or local more likely they will be cost effective due to local proximity.

Google is your friend ?

Apart from the obvious google search there a here a few tips in google that can give you a more concise result. Using the google exact match formula

Example if your trying to find a commercial cleaner based in paramatta. You would search using the following “commercial cleaner parramatta”. The results populated will show businesses that have the exact phase making it a target ad.

clean focus google search parramatta

You could also try a youtube search, the videos that appear offer a list of adverts for various cleaners and a quick introduction to businesses available in your area as a quick reference to see what’s out there: Search “commerical cleaning Sydney” on the following web address and browse through the companies that are available to you:

Also, why not try a quick Facebook search. Facebook is a good place to look to with many businesses in this industry displaying their services on Facebook pages.
Search Facebook by typing “Commercial cleaning Sydney” in the Search bar. Try this link to find commercial cleaners in Sydney.

Why References Matter

We also notice that references are essential. Does the company you are looking into have good references from previous clients satisfied with the jobs done by the cleaning company you want to approach. Look at testimonials on the company website. If they are good and the customers have made good comments on services that the company offered then you can be content that others are recommending their offering.

What size company should I go for?

The size of the company is an indicator of how diverse their service offering is. For example, do they offer additional services carpet, alternate flooring, window cleaning, strip and sealing of floors, rubbish removal aspects and more? You also have to consider what exactly you need so that the size of the company you approach matches your specific cleaning needs. If you need a broad range of services for a large company office that you work at with different jobs that need to be done as diverse as the offerings above then try a larger company. A larger company may be more efficient as they perhaps have a larger services team and staff on board that complete the physical job and a smaller company may have the added benefit of adding the personal touch on their job offering.


How does the commercial cleaning company communicate with you? This is very important. In order for the company to be on top of the job they are doing they need to be in regular or timeous contact with you. Some companies keep in touch via phone while others prefer email communication. We at Clean Focus look after your needs both telephonically with follow ups to see if you are happy and emails to keep a written record of what you need done. If you have complaints, we asses the situation and attend to it immediately as our cleaning team puts you as top priority when doing the job.

What is the customer Service process like?

Focus on finding a company that does not leave you in the lurch so that you are left with a shoddy result and the area you need cleaned is left either untouched in certain areas or whatever the issue may be.

Can you lodge a complaint and get the job fixed to the best of the knowledge of the company? You can see if they attend to your complaint or will they have left you with an incomplete job according to you.

You must see if the company will keep in touch. You must look to see if they are approachable in their website. Does it look like they are reliable, and that the wording on their website is that of a company that holds their customers needs in high esteem or are they just in the game for profit and your business is merely just a job that needs doing and the company does not put in the effort to help you as best as possible.

What is cleaners track record?

Customer service is vital to smooth serviced job. Make sure that when you do your research on the company whose services you want to inlist that they are reputable so you know they have been tried and tested by other people looking for similar jobs that need to be done.

Go straight to Customer Testimonials and make sure the comments left are rated highly. Aim for a 5-star rating then you know that other clients like yourself are satisfied by the job done and that they have found little fault with the company and are on the whole very happy with the effort that the cleaning company has put in.

Take a look at our testimonials. We pride ourselves in hard and meticulous work with our fine eye for detail we aim to leave no spots messy and unclean. We hope that our customer feedback on our website convinces you that we are the right company to pick for your cleaning needs. Drop us a response or email/call us. We will be happy to assist you with a quote or further information on our services.



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