How to choose a childcare provider?

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Finding the right childcare provider is important as you will be finding the right type of childcare for your child and an arrangement that suits your schedule as well as your child’s schedule. Finding appropriate care for your loved little one will leave you feeling at ease when you leave your child in the care of a childcare provider. There are several types of childcare options out there and after reading this article we hope that you will be better equipped to make the right childcare provider choice.

You want to make sure that your child is within a safe and nurturing environment that is engaging as well as educational. In order to do this one needs to first understand the options that are available to you in the Australian context. You can choose from a childcare centre or long day care, family day care, occasional care, a nanny, au pair, mother’s help or babysitter.

A childcare centre or long day care Long day care is also known as a child care centre or even day care. The premises consist of a centre that employs professional staff and caters for babies up to 6-years-old. Times that these childcare centres are available are usually 7am-6pm. Long day care centres provide part time to full day care for working families. Meals are normally catered for.

The best way to go about searching for a long day care centre is to do a Google search for “long day care centre Sydney” and find a centre that’s closest to your area.

See how to choose a childcare provider - Clean Focus tips

Family day care

Family day care involves a professional carer looking after a limited sized group of children in their own home also known sometimes as home-based care. The age diversity of the kids is regulated by the government and hours that these carers are available are normally more on the flexible side and can cater to late nights and weekends.

One way to search for family day care is here and search your area. This search shows family day care options that may appeal to your family.

Occasional care

Occasional care is usually catered for from a centre and is for those families that don’t need regular care for their children but rather need care for them when they have appointments on their schedule or want some personal time.

You could try search care for kids to find the best occasional care in Sydney.


A nanny will come into your home and care for your child from there as a base. Nannies can be qualified in childcare or sometimes not. So how do you find a capable nanny for your child? There are various agencies that do nanny placements, you could advertise a position available on your local classifieds online or go through word of mouth and see if you can find a nanny that way.

Alongside the childcare provisions that your nanny will provide you may wish them to perform some light domestic activities which can include the likes of cooking, doing shopping tasks for you as well as basic laundry. The best way to search for a nanny is to do a Google search for a nanny recruitment agency in your area.

Au pairs

An au pair is a young individual staying in Australia for up to 12 months for a cultural exchange experience looking to experience Australian life. An au pair costs between $250 and $500 per week and au pairs live as part of the host family so you will need to provide them with a bedroom in your home and meals and will become involved in your family life. There are agencies that screen candidates for the position of au pair with your family. Searching for an au pair in the Sydney area can be done using an au pair agency. Some search examples are:

Mother’s help

A mother’s help has a small amount or no previous experience caring for kids. This type of carer usually has an interest in childcare and can sometimes be looking to gain experience in the field whilst studying a childcare centred degree. This form of carer assists the mom with child care and housekeeping tasks.

You could try a search on gumtree for Mother’s help. There will be individuals advertising their services here. Try searching under the “Baby and Children” tab and then “Childcare services tab” for the most recent adverts:


A babysitter provides a supervisory type care giving role for your child. Babysitters can be used according to your schedule- regularly or occasionally. Babysitters can be students looking for a part time income or even students studying teaching or childcare related studies and they would be looking for experience in childcare. Try searching Motherhoop app for a local sitter.

So with lots of options it’s up to you as the parent to assess the needs of your child on a educational and care level and see what will fit your childcare timing needs. It’s nice to have various options to choose from so that you find the right care for your child.



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