Get Your Pantry Organised With These Great Pantry Hacks!

Is it time to get your pantry organised? Everyone has a pantry, it can be a large cupboard filled with a million different items or just a couple of shelves in an apartment stacked with mystery cans missing labels and rice which has seen better days.  They tend to be the area of the kitchen where anything non-perishable is chucked in, and as some items are used frequently, and other items sit there collecting dust, pantries begin to become a mess.

Clean Focus has pulled together some of the best pantry hacks to have your pantry back to best and ensuring you use everything in your pantry and reduce food waste too!

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Be Brave & Get Stuck In!

Set aside some time and pull every item out of your pantry.  Throw away anything expired and spoiled and then place your food items in matching groups. For example, put all the noodles together and all the pasta, gather your spices up and stack all your tinned tomatoes. It’s likely you’ll find multiples of each and discover items you completely forgot you bought! Then thoroughly clean and disinfect your pantry shelves.

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Take A Look At Your Pantry shelving

Take a look at your pantry. Do you have enough shelves? Do food items get pushed to the back of a shelf, lost in the darkness? A great hack is to attach extra shelving racks to the inside of your pantry door. This extra space is perfect to store lightweight items and items you reach for frequently such as spices.

coffee jar storage

Upcycle Your Coffee Jars

Moccona Coffee jars are airtight and a great way to store and display staples such as rice, flour and sugar. The jar makes for easy pouring and measuring and removes messy packets which can split and come undone spoiling your food. Print some fancy labels to bring some extra flair to your pantry too!

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The Dollar Shop Is Your Pantry’s Friend!

Head to the dollar store or Kmart and BigW for some super cheap, yet supereffective storage hacks. Think outside the box! Did you know plastic magazine racks create an innovative storage solution for cans? Simply lie the can on its side and stack neatly in the rack for easy access and to see exactly what you have.

Baskets are also great for holding bags of chips and boxes with wheels maximise space at the bottom of your pantry. No need to bend down and look at what dusty pantry items lurk on the bottom shelf, simply wheel the box out and collect what you need!

If you have a corner area, a lazy susan can be a great space maximiser. Put your favourite sauces and spreads on the lazy susan and voila! You can spin and grab without feeling behind tubs and bottles, knocking things over.

So there you have it! Some great hacks to get your pantry up to scratch, and if your Pantry is a two-man job, contact Clean Focus for a professional clean and organise!

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