Free COVID-19 Posters for your cleaning teams

Grab yourself some free COVID-19 posters for your workplace!

Restrictions are lifting and people are heading back into the workforce. ┬áThis is a critical time for business owners. It’s more important than ever to ensure that a cluster of coronavirus infections doesn’t appear in your workplace.

A confirmed case or spread of infection can damage your business operations. It’s the last thing business owners need as they begin to go back to normal. As we return to a ‘new normal’ the way we operate will change permanently. Cleanliness, stringent procedures and plans in place will minimise this risk!

Good hygiene and following social distancing rules are everyone’s responsibility. Encourage your employees to stay vigilant with rigorous hygiene practises and social distancing. To help you, we have some free COVID-19 posters and infographics, courtesy of Canva. Feel free to use these in your workplace and share with your commercial cleaning teams!

It’s only by working together and all of us taking ownership that we can minimise the chance of infection. As we return to work, it’s important for all to understand the new state of play.

Self-Quarantine Guidelines Coronavirus Poster

Workplace Guidelines Poster

Coronavirus Prevention Poster

7-Step Prevention and Awareness Coronavirus Poster

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