Coworking is the new office?

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In the era of freelancing, being a work-at-home professional or independent contractor or someone who travels a lot in their profession, coworking is the way to work. Coworking is all about a shared workplace where these people come together and share an office whilst working on their own individual work, usually professionals from different companies. These freelancers hire a space in a coworking office or the space is free of charge and come together with likeminded individuals that share common core values. Coworking is a social-orientated coming together of people working alongside one another interested in the benefits and synergy that comes from this.

Coworking is attractive to freelancers who experience isolation while working from home

Coming together in a coworking environment is beneficial too because freelancers are free from the distractions of home and find themselves in a work-focused, productive environment where they can form friendships with fellow professionals.

In Australia, coworking offices are on the rise and are becoming ever more attractive and popular to freelancers. This also has a snowball effect on the economy and is expected to increase Australia’s economic output over the next few years. Coworking helps improve staff productivity and saves professionals time that they would have spent commuting to an office job that is not close to home. People choosing a coworking environment can choose a space that is close to home saving them time and money. Coworking is a trend that offers a good working environment to freelancers.

Freelancers Office - Clean Focus

If you own an office space that you have turned into a coworking space and you hire out seats/spaces to professionals you will need to keep the office space clean with office cleaning from a reputable commercial cleaning company such as ours. Your coworking office will have lots of foot traffic and the communal area such as the kitchen will be a hive of activity. We can clean your kitchen thoroughly and we also offer window cleaning, washroom cleaning and waste removal too for the cleaning of the rest of your office area. Because you will have a lot of freelancers coming in to your premises daily you will need a regular clean. Clean Focus can organise cleans according to your roster and needs. Get in touch today and get a free quote.



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