8 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Perth

Airbnb Perth – Cool Places to say

Going from place to place has taken on a whole new meaning these days, as travel has gotten more competitive and more people have taken advantage of the newly-affordable rates. It could be said to start when people discover fascinating places online, as the internet has made the world much more accessible and easy to find out more about. When they’ve chosen their destination, they can then book a flight and pay for it – also easier than ever thanks to online payments – and then they’re off.

The aforementioned more affordable travel rates then play an integral role, being within reach of more people than ever before, who may desire to go to various Asian destinations, or to somewhere in the Mediterranean, or even perhaps Australia.

PERTH… A Place to Be 

Why Choose Airbnb Rentals in Perth

Want to find the coolest Airbnb Places in Perth. Whenever you travel, however, there’s always more to keep in mind than just booking a plane. Of course, where you plan to stay is a crucial matter that you need to settle before you take a leap (or a flight, as the case may be). While many would recommend a hotel as the traditional works-for-everyone option, this might limit your opportunities to go out – whether because the hotel is mainly located near the familiar spots, keeping you from enjoying the ones off the beaten path, or because you’ve blown your budget on the usually-pricier hotel rates. Services like AirBnB.com allow you to choose from a variety of locations to suit your needs, from the size of your party to the location you desire to even the aesthetic that you’d prefer. It all depends on what the homeowners in the region list to make available to rent.

If you’re staying in Perth and want to find good places you can rent for the duration of your stay, here are some coolest airbnb rentals in Perth.

1. Funky Perth CBD 1-Bedroom

perth airbnb

For the solo traveler or couple who want a modern-looking place to stay, this one-bedroom apartment ($111AUD/night) is ideally located. With a queen size bed, one bathroom, and basic kitchen and other amenities like access to the pool and gym, this has a lot to offer for what you pay. The location offers easy access to Perth, including Kings Park via the Jacobs ladder – it’s 5 minutes by foot to the Esplanade depot and station, and 10 minutes by foot to the Perth Arena or shopping district.

2.Modern Northbridge Stay Cool 

perth airbnb

A bit roomier, this one: this one-bedroom apartment ($100AUD/night) can accommodate three people on a queen size bed and a foldout couch, with one bathroom and a clean kitchen. It’s worth noting that the owners specify no pets and no smoking. It’s located centrally, just around the corner from a lot of vibrant night spots like restaurants and clubs, but is quiet nonetheless.

3. CBD loft style apartment

perth airbnb

A classy apartment with a polished vibe – high ceilings and exposed wood floors lend this location a modern but handsome look – that can accommodate 2 guests ($120AUD/night), this offers the standard kitchen and single bathroom. The spacious location is well within reach of Perth and the many transport options, too.

4. 11th floor apartment with balcony view Perth 

perth airbnb

A much roomier option, this apartment ($169AUD/night) can accommodate up to six guests. Note that there’s only one bathroom, although there are two bedrooms and two king-size beds. Nevertheless, it’s roomy and luxurious, with two balconies – one connected to the kitchen and one connected to the bedroom. It’s located at the west end of the Perth CBD, and has the city right downstairs

5. Family Stay in Perth CBD

perth airbnb

This very large 2 storey house in Perth CBD ($280AUD/night) boasts three bedrooms and more than two bathrooms, and a fairly luxurious interior that can accommodate up to 8 guests. The house is within easy reach of transport links, bars, restaurants and a supermarket, and offers a study and gourmet kitchen.

6. City Penthouse

perth airbnb

This very roomy city penthouse can accommodate 6 guests ($299AUD/night), with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The luxurious and lofty interior has a modern kitchen overlooking a huge lounge and dining area, and as a penthouse it has an amazing view of the city. It’s a short 3-minute walk away from the Perth Convention Center, and within the scope of the CBD Free Transport Zone.7

7. Swan River apartment

perth airbnb
Another large apartment ($188AUd/night) that can accommodate a large family or group of friends of about 6, as they all enjoy the breathtaking view of the Swan River that the apartment overlooks. Three bedrooms and four beds provide plenty of sleeping room, and two bathrooms offer a luxurious experience. The very modern-styled apartment is complemented by a great muted color scheme and crisp décor.

8. Bulwer Lovely loft

perth airbnb

A fetching loft ($190AUD) located right on the edge of Perth CBD, this sizeable location puts you and five of your friends or relatives within easy each of NIB stadium and a lot of pubs and bars, not to mention beautiful spots like Swan River and famous Kings Park. It’s also within reach of various train and bus options. Up to six can stay in the two bedrooms (4 beds), and use the amenities which include one bath and a classy split level dining room area.



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