Cleaning Your Home When You Have Allergies

Allergies suck plain and simple.  They can go from an annoying runny nose to red, watery eyes and hives in minutes. Trying to get your housework done can be distressing and stressful.  The best idea is to have someone come in and clean your house for you, but, there may be reasons you can’t get a cleaner in, and you still need to clean in-between cleaner visits. Here are our Clean Focus tips to allergy free house cleaning!

allergy sufferer

Vacuum Regularly

If you suffer from allergies, the reality is that you will need to clean more often to keep the dust and pet hair at a minimum. If you have a carpeted home, choose a powerful vacuum with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter removes airborne dust particles, mites and pollen and really makes a difference to those with allergies. You can use a vacuum on wooden floors too, but if you are using floor wipes, make sure they are damp to keep the dust on the floor and not pushed up into the air.

Washing Bed Sheets

Change your bedsheets regularly, but wash them on the hottest setting you can to kill off any dust mites and also rid your sheets of all the sweat and dead skin cells that we all shed every night. Also, choose hypo-allergenic pillows to keep you breathing easy at night and choose 100% quality cotton bedding, avoiding synthetic fibres.

Wear A Mask

Sure, it may feel strange at first, but if you’re at home, no-one can see you! Grab a pack of paper face masks from your local pharmacy and pop one on while you’re doing your housework. The mask will stop dust particles and cleaning chemicals aggravating your allergies.

Look For Unscented Products

Cleaning products with strong fragrances often have lots of chemicals which affect and trigger allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. It’s worth seeking out unscented products and those which use natural ingredients over harsh chemicals.

There you have it. A few quick and easy tips which will minimise the triggers which cause itchy eyes, runny noses, asthma attacks and nasty hives!





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