Cleaning Up After A Party

House parties can become the stuff of memories. The party while mum and dad are out of town, a birthday, a wedding, a divorce party, or to celebrate moving into a new home. There is something fun and comfortable being in your own home with your friends and family hosting a party. No cabs to worry about, home cooked food, a fired up the barbie and plenty of cold refreshing beverages to get into.

The big downside to a house party is the mess that you wake up too, usually with a big hangover. So, what can you do to ease the pain of doing the cleaning up after a party?

cleaning up after a house party

Be Prepared For The Morning After

A common mistake most people make is that they prepare for their house party by making sure there are lots of drinks, food, cutlery and decorations, but they don’t think about what comes after. While you’re at the supermarket, stock up on cleaning supplies. Purchase plenty of industrial strength garbage bags, multi-surface sprays, kitchen towels and absorbent cloths in case of spills and some bicarbonate of soda which is a miracle cure for soaking up red wine spillage. Also, grab some incense sticks or odour neutralising sprays to immediately make your home smell fresh the day after.

cleaning up with a hangover

Don’t Get Overwhelmed With The Mess

When you wake up and see the mess, you can often feel overwhelmed, particularly if you are feeling fragile from a big night before. Break down the clean up into easy, manageable chunks that will immediately make your home look cleaner.

First, scoop up all the recycling. Paper, plastic, bottles and cans can go straight into the recycling bins, and by doing this first, the stale smell of alcohol will lift and immediately make your home feel better.  Be sure to wear shoes or thongs to protect yourself from any surprise broken glass or ceramics. Then put the vacuum on and swoop through all your surfaces and deal with any stains later. Finally spray and wipe all of your surfaces for a clean, fresh feeling and a home that resembles your own again. Light a scented candle or incense burner and relax!

party mess cleanup

Book An After Party Cleaner!

If you really want to be prepared, and your party is set to be a big one, book yourself a professional cleaner for the day after.  You can head out for a delicious breakfast and smoothie to cure your hangover and walk the dog, while a team of professional after party cleaners can get your home looking back to best without the pain of putting up with a noisy vacuum and dishwasher when you are nursing a hangover!

hangover breakfast



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