How long does it take to clean a new construction house?

Once a new build home is finished and the builders are all off-site, it’s time to clean a new construction house. This isn’t a job for your usual home or office cleaner. A builders clean, is a specialist cleaning service and far more detailed than a normal daily or weekly clean.

How long does a new construction house clean take?

There are many factors you need to take into consideration before you clean a new construction house and the time it takes to clean a house once the builders have left site can vary quite a bit.

What does a standard builders clean cover?

  • Removal of dust from all areas; corners, ledges, ceilings, stairs and skirting boards
  • Mopping of all hard surfaces
  • Polishing of chrome, stainless steel and mirrors
  • Steam cleaning of soft furnishings and carpets
  • Removal of the sticky residue left by labels and stickers
  • Rubbish removal (wires, nails, paint cans etc)
  • Deep clean of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Pressure/Steam clean of pathways, garage floors and outside brickwork

What are added extras?

  • Waxing or staining of wood flooring
  • Polish and buffing of marble or terrazzo flooring
  • Window cleaning
  • Report and check of defects such as nails sticking our, loose floorboards, light fittings etc

It’s important to look at all the jobs required in a new house clean.  Do you need extra cleaning? How large is the home? Do you need the exterior cleaned? Finalise these details first to determine how long the job will take.  A professional construction cleaning team has the correct equipment to carry out the job quickly, safely with high attention to detail.

Contact your local builders clean service provider and get on your new house construction clean and advise of timelines and requirements to achieve the best results.  Your new construction home will be ready to live in and you won’t even know the builders were there!



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