Childcare Cleaner – Whats difference in service providers?

Childcare Cleaner – So whats the difference

If you run a Childcare , you know how important it is to properly clean your centre. So how do you find the right Childcare Cleaner in Sydney ? With so many little people, employees, and parents playing, walking, and running through your facility, the danger for infection runs high. Disinfecting and cleaning is one huge way to fight these problems, but only if done correctly.Your regular house or office cleaner may not have the expertise to properly clean your facility because of the large difference in cleaning methods. But what is the difference, between each cleaner and why is it so important to find a cleaner that specializes in childcare centres?

Green Cleaning – Sustainable Cleaning

While it’s always important to consider the environment, green cleaning is even more important when it comes to cleaning a facility that takes care of children. Green cleaners are often less harsh overall, meaning that they are safer to be ingested in small doses. While every effort is made to clean all agents off of surfaces, sometimes a little remains. Since a child’s body is much smaller than an adult’s, a little can make a huge difference if ingested. Chemical poisoning is not uncommon, so using green products will reduce the chances of this happening at your childcare. Some cleaning companies do not consider this as the price for Green cleaning can be higher so they use whatever they have on hand to clean a childcare instead. The choice for a childcare cleaner to go ‘Green’ is ultimately uphold human health and improve your working environment. So defiantly keep this mind when looking to choose your next cleaner.

OHS and Safe Work Methods
While there are no compulsory OHS standards for childcare centre cleaning, having and meeting standards is more important when little lives are involved let alone adults. Because of this, it’s important that when a childcare cleaner is chosen for a centre that they have written their own policies and meet the OHS requirements for cleaning. Also ensure that a Safe Work Method statement is available for viewing on either a website or other to find location so that you know what the company you hire to take care of your little clients is worthy of the job.

HACCP – Strict Colour Coding

Colour coding is when a particular piece of equipment is branded with a certain colour to ensure that it is only used in a certain area. Red is used for the bathroom, for example, while blue is used in a more general area. There are no official guidelines for colour coding equipment, but when it comes to cleaning a care facility for children, there is never a more important time to make sure that nothing is cross-contaminated. Cross-contamination can mean toddlers or employees becoming sick, which results in unhappy workers and unhappy parents. This isn’t the case in all cleaning jobs, but it’s essential that colour coding is properly used in childcare centre cleaning. If you see your cleaner using the same mop in the toilets as they do in the play pen , alerts should be going off .

Clean Focus Has All of It

When you’re looking for a childcare cleaner who has careful colour coding, OHS-compliant, eco-friendly cleaning companies, Clean Focus should be on your list. We really care about the children you care for and ensure every single precaution is taken. If you’d like to learn more about professional childcare centre cleaning or you’re just curious on what else we have to offer, contact us today.


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