5 Of The Best Sydney Airbnb Rentals To Stay

Have the travel bug ? Find Sydney’s Best Airbnb places.

Traveling is the new normal state of being these days, as everybody has gotten so accustomed to the ease and convenience of travel that they have started doing this more regularly. The internet has made the world much smaller than it ever seemed to be decades ago, and now we find out about new destinations and what they have to offer with much greater ease than ever, spurring interest in travel like never before. And if your traveling to Sydney,  itself has gotten more and more affordable as time goes by, with competition between multitudes of reliable and safe airlines leading to rates within the reach of more people than ever. Save up a bit, and you might get to go halfway across the world – or to a place nearer your own country that has had you curious for some time – like you were just going to the next town.

Airbnb Sydney Has The Best To Offer

There are many great places to stay in Sydney via Airbnb making their offerings available, affordable and transparent. Lots of people are constantly checking them out in order to make informed decisions about where to stay while they’re in the country. It’s not hard to see why either – hotels have been the most traditionally reliable and popular options for quite some time, but places like these might offer you great opportunities to save while being in a great part of town for your travels. Some might still be quite competitive price-wise, but you get to check the place out beforehand via the website so you know what you’re paying for.

1. Kirribilli apartment:

Airbnb Sydney

Clocking in at $250AUD a night, this whole apartment rental can accommodate up to 4 people (extra guests pay $30AUD a night) in two bedrooms. You’ll have one bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen to share amongst yourselves, but the best asset is the view of Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Aside from the view, the apartment is pleasantly located within walking distance of a variety of dining establishments, grocery stores, banks and pharmacies, and the village of Kirribilli has a nice village vibe. Rental includes free wi-fi and pay TV, and it’s worth noting that the owners usually require a 3-night stay minimum but can negotiate 2-night stays

2. Self-contained cottage, Leichhardt

Airbnb leichardt

Ideal for a couple (2 adults, $125AUD/night), this compact cottage offers a double bed, one bedroom and bath, a sizeable lounge and basic amenities. Leichhardt, also in the Inner West, is called Little Italy but has more than great Italian restaurants to offer. Nearby Newtown and Glebe are also accessible and great to visit

3. Modern home in Redfern 

airbnb redfern sydney

A solo traveler with a yen for streamlined, modern living can give this location a try ($100AUD/night). Fairly roomy for one, the classy concrete and recycled timber design of the private room is very relaxing.  The neighborhood is near Sydney University and the various markets, gyms, parks and restaurants that might make a stay more enjoyable should a tenant seek company.

4. Darlington inner-city terrace 

airbnb darlington

More ideal for a pair of couples, or perhaps a sizeable family, this unexpectedly roomy Darlington location ($220AUD/night) offers four bedrooms and two bathrooms. There’s a kitchen/living room, a TV room, a dining room (table seats 8), and a garden and deck. Kids are welcome, but the owners note that the house uses a lot of stairs and so this might be a concern for those with younger kids. Of interest is the Inner West region that the location is found in; 2-3 kilometers from Sydney City, the owners acknowledge that the house is “the best [location] you can get for a hipster holiday.” Saturday morning famers’ markets, Sydney Festival events within walking distance, and plenty of cafes, bars and art galleries suggest they’re right.

5. Newton hideaway 

airbnb newtown sydney

Those traveling alone might find this cozy location in New South Wales ideal. Whatever your reason for traveling alone – some writers looking for solitude to finish a project, or perhaps travelers meeting up with others in a later travel leg – this is as good a place to go as any. $75AUD/night gets you standard amenities, and a lovely garden. The neighborhood complements this well with an eclectic feel thanks to its various restaurants (King Street is nicknamed Eat Street) and great cafes.

Why Australia has the best Airbnb places ?

Australia is a great destination that has long been popular, and for good reason. This amazing country is more than just the oft-stereotyped home of kangaroos, Sydney Opera House, and boomerangs. Many travelers, for example, immediately put the Great Barrier Reef on the list of places to visit, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s got something for everyone, be they nature enthusiasts out to discover the sheer abundance of marine life variety the Reef offers or divers looking to take on one of the most beautiful underwater diving spots.

Barbecue is also one of the things Aussies tend to do well, and share with their guests – the expression “shrimp on the barbie” didn’t come about by accident – and you’d be hard-pressed to find a park or public area that doesn’t have at least one BBQ pit. Australia even has great wine regions in Perth and Adelaide, and beyond this there’s a wealth of other options that showcase the country’s staggering natural beauty and its vibrant modern culture.





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