Best Mum Blogs

7  Of The  Best Mum Blogs

It’s pretty clear that the internet has truly changed the way we do everything. Many of us might remember the glacially slow pace of communication in decades past, where mail took days to weeks to arrive and responses would typically take the same if not more time. Having to compile reference photos was only a possibility if one had access to a variety of magazines, of which typically only the higher-end ones have them in good quality. Sharing interests used to only be fairly easy if you had a local community of fellow fans, but if yours was a fairly niche one – which most interests arguably are, to some degree – you would be out of luck.

Blogging is one of the best ways that the modern internet-enhanced world has changed the game. It’s been said that there’s a fandom for everything, and blogging gives everyone in such a fandom a voice. A blog, which is short for web log, allows a fan to make regular posts about whatever interests him, or if he has any thoughts or things to share about the hobby. Just as there is a lot that can be shared, there are a lot of blogs out there that have fans fully maximizing the possibilities the internet has to offer. Increased communication with fellow fans, the ability to share photo and video to enhance a post, and more benefits are enjoyed by many.

Best Mum Blogs in Australia

Australia has a number of excellent “mum blogs”. While some might think this is about sharing gardening and flower information – and they might well think this, because there certainly might be such blogs – this is actually about motherhood. Mums can post anything from the details of the child-rearing experience to asking for and sharing advice on a variety of matters. There are a great many mum blogs available, actually, and they can be quite inspiring – at the very least serving as demonstrations that it is possible to be a full-time mum and maintain a reasonably informative and inspiring blog to share thoughts and tips with fellow mums.

1. The Parent Files 

Some slick web design makes an attractive package for Tahlia’s fascinating and very informative mum blog. Tahlia brings a lot to the table – her many experiences as a mum and wife, and her knowledge as a professional family therapist and counselor. This unique, informed perspective really sets her mum blog apart, but that’s not all that’s to be found here. She shares a great deal, from practical concerns such as energy saving tips to ideas to keep in mind for mums returning to school after taking some time off. Such sensitive concerns as deciding whether or not to go for another child in addition to the ones you have are discussed with a gentle but knowledgeable tone.

2. Essentially Jess

As the name suggests, one of Jess’ blog’s strengths is how straightforward it is. Jess chats – while these are blog posts and not chatroom tweets and the like, there seems to be no better term for Jess’ friendly, accessible tone than this – with the reader about a variety of topics. One particular favorite appears to be books (Jess writes her own and reads quite a bit of good ones), with an EssentiallyBooks section dedicated to just that. Jess is the mum of four kids, and her very friendly tone makes her “authentic, hopeful and crazy” viewpoint very fun to share.

3. Adriel

Like Jess, Adriel’s approach is very honest and up front about her personality and her principles. A very moving blog about “faith in action”, Adriel’s doesn’t shy away from such sensitive but significant topics as Loss and Miscarriage, and takes an enlightened and principled look at a variety of other topics – from refugees and foreigners to living in a vintage caravan. There’s a lot to learn and appreciate here as Adriel shares experiences and interests that can serve to empower.

4. Chronicles Camera

Cathy is a Sydney-based mother of three boys whose online diary chronicles her experiences of surviving and thriving in a “household full of testosterone”. It’s more fun than you might think, as Cathy keeps an upbeat but grounded tone in sharing such experiences as her boys’ birthdays (one party having to contend with Christmas beetles outside) to the kids losing teeth (and a tooth fairy that was at one point a “bit of a slacker”).

5. Squiggle Mum

WordPress blog stemming from Sydney-based teacher and mother Catherine, Squigglebooks is more about reading and appreciating books. Her older blog, Squigglemum, ran until early 2015, and is still up to share her insights on how to teach reading as well as books that she can recommend for mums and their kids. Catherine’s insights are refreshing, and both blogs have a lot to offer for mums who want to look up ideas on how to get their kids to enjoy reading as well as how to keep at it themselves.

6. The Organised House Wife

A colorful and crisply laid out (with a title like that, you wouldn’t really except any less, right?) blog from Gold Coast-based Katrina, The Organised Housewife has a great deal of advice to offer. Beyond just advice on organizing (she has a neat section that focuses on organizing by room, and she’s not kidding – bedroom, laundry area, wardrobe, craft room…), the blog has something for every mum – whether it’s the rich variety of recipes or tips on sending the kids back to school.



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