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Domestic Window Cleaning 

Have you ever washed a car and noticed that there are spots all over the window even after the car has already dried? Well, this is what you get from using tap water as a cleaning agent. Using pure water eliminates the possibility of making these irritating marks on your windows. Using pure water for cleaning windows is the best way to clean windows. This window cleaning method eliminates residue and keeps the window 99.9% clean. There is no perfect way of cleaning windows but the closest to perfection is by using pure water cleaning technology.

Here at Clean Focus, we use Pure Water Cleaning technology to makes windows spotless clean.

Why Pure Water Technology?

Whether it be commercial cleaning or domestic window cleaning, it is best to resort to pure water cleaning system. Why? Here are some of the most important benefits you get from it:

Safest Cleaning Method – Pure water cleaning system offered by Clean Focus does not use any other chemicals, solutions or soaps for cleaning. We use only pure water! This is the safest way to clean a window. You don’t just become environmentally friendly but also make your windows safe for children. This is the best domestic window cleaning method for every Australian home.

Leaves no Residue – Because we only use pure water, after cleaning the windows there are no “irritating to the eye” spots and marks. Unlike cleaning windows using water directly from tap, pure water technology leaves no mark at all.

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Keep it Pure and Clean

Free from Minerals and sediments found in tap water - Water Purity is measured in PPM or parts per million. The closest the measurement to zero, the purer the water is. Typically, tap water has 050 PPM to 400PPM. Tap water can either be soft water or hard water. Yes, there is such a term. And by using hard water to clean your windows, you will certainly get those minerals and sediments stuck even after the water has dried out.

No chemicals applied to your windows – When Clean Focus uses Pure Water Technology to clean your windows, there are no other chemicals, solutions or soaps needed. Pure water is enough to make your windows spotless clean. Chemicals can make your windows with tints lose its integrity.

Make Your Windows Look New Again – By choosing pure water for your domestic window cleaning needs, you do not just help the environment but also make your windows look clean new again. This is done by eliminating all other residues on your windows with the heat, pressure and pure water technology. By resorting to this type of window cleaning method, you have the best shot at maintaining a new look to those panes.

Choosing Pure Water Technology for Domestic Window Cleaning

Reverse osmosis is the method of eliminating impurities in water. The series of filters that water goes through to eliminate all impurities is the ONLY best way to restore the “newness” of your windows. Choosing pure water cleaning method for your windows will certainly give you a better looking window glass.

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