6 Common Mistakes Facilities Managers Make At The End Of A Renovation

Clean Focus Services 6 Mistakes Facilities Managers Make At The End Of A Renovation

Completing an office renovation is a lot of work, and for most facilities and building managers, the focus is in the planning and tender process. Pre-planning makes sense as it is here that you can set the budget and hire the right contractors to deliver the best job. However, there are six common mistakes building, and facilities managers make when it comes to the end of a renovation which is often overlooked.

Reconciliation Of Accounts

This phrase may send cold shivers down the spine of any facilities manager. Paperwork is not our favourite thing to do, but it’s essential to take some time to reconcile those invoices. Ensure that you haven’t overpaid a supplier and that your contractors haven’t invoiced hours which weren’t approved or a reality. It can be a big job and overwhelming, but if you break it down supplier by supplier, you’ll feel a sense of achievement. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at what you spot along the way; whether it be incorrect invoices, outstanding works or internal cost coding errors.

Rubbish Pick Up

Towards the end of a renovation, you need to book a rubbish pick up and then again once the final works are signed off. There will be packaging galore, building materials which you think you might need, but will never use and old furniture kicking around. Don’t be tempted to keep it, or store in a corner as it instantly gives a scruffy start to your brand new renovation. Sand be ruthless and search for a rubbish removalist who have experience in picking up building materials, so you know it’s disposed of in the right waste streams. Stop the clutter before it starts!

Builders Clean

You may be tempted to bring in your usual commercial cleaner once your renovation is complete. However, to clean effectively and create a space which is easy to maintain, you need to book a specific builders clean or end of project clean. Book a specialised cleaning team who are trained to not just clean. They will dust hard to reach or high surfaces to remove lung aggravating dust particles. They will polish chrome and glass until it’s smear-free and shiny, and they will report back any defects which you may not have spotted.

Thorough Testing

You may have appointed a building or project manager who will sign off and tell you everything is working, but have you checked yourself? All facilities managers know that sinking feeling when a significant office renovation reveals complaints of flickering light bulbs and stuffy meeting rooms. Walk through and switch on a random light, run the air conditioning for a day or two and raise and drop a few random office chairs and standing desks. What happens when you fire up the projector in the boardroom? What is the soundproofing like in the CEO’s office? Do the security passes work in all areas and do the fire doors close safely? If you haven’t checked yourself, don’t sign off that everything is working.

WHS Committee Pre-Walkthrough

Including the WHS committee is highly recommended, but a request facilities managers rarely action. Including the WHS committee in your end of renovation walkthrough does two things. One, it gets a core group of employees on board, excited and the spokesperson for your office renovation. Two, getting the input and feedback from a sample group allows you to fix any minor issues before everyone moves into the space. You can’t be the eyes and ears for the entire project yourself, and the WHS committee will look at the area through a different lens. One which gives you peace of mind when it comes to a safe and healthy workspace.

Toot your own horn!

Building and facilities managers usually operate in the background, but you should step out of the basement and toot your own horn for a job well done! Chat to your office manager about hosting a lunch or morning tea to celebrate the new space. Or, offer staff tours or a working lunch to staff who will be interested to hear about larger fit-outs and renovations. It’s a great way to engage staff, make them proud of their workspace and raise your own profile within the business!

There you have it. Six tips to take your next renovation or make good to the next level!



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