5 End Of Lease Cleaning Hacks

When you find a new home to move into it can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking time. You might be upgrading a rental, relocating, or making the leap to buy your own home and hop on the first rung of the property ladder. During a home move, there is so much to think about, paperwork, financial transactions, new furniture, post redirection, garage sales and utility connection as well as of course, the end of lease clean. 

The words ‘end of lease clean’ can conjure up feelings of anxiety, dread and foreboding to renters right across Australia, and it’s certainly not a job many of us relish! Depending on the size of the home and if you have to manage other housemates in a shared rental it can become a stressful and overwhelming task. However, we have gathered up our past experience and knowledge to bring you five end of lease cleaning hacks to make your end of lease experience a quick and painless one. Follow our tips and your home will be ready for inspection making the process a little less daunting and a little more time saving, so you can get on with moving home.

Dig Out Your Paperwork

Before you pull on those rubber gloves, it’s wise to focus on your lease and inspection reports, so you know what it’s expected of your end of lease clean.  Find your paperwork and ask for a copy of your original inspection report. Go through it methodically, and make a list of any items which need extra focus, cleaning or repair.

Take a walk through your rental property and take some photos. If you spot anything new, which wasn’t on the original report, get to work on rectifying and repairing. Tighten up loose door handles, stick down curling floor tiles and replace any light bulbs. Your goal is to have nothing new on your end of the lease inspection report, but take into consideration what is fair wear and tear. 

If there is damage, such as scratches on the floor, or carpet stains which can’t be removed, be honest about them and raise them. It’s always recommended to report damage and wear and tear with your landlord and be sure to point it out before they spot it.  

Focus on Kitchen and Bathroom

Most people spend a significant amount revitalizing their living room, kitchen and bathroom are often left grimy, particularly in shared accommodation. Frequently used bathrooms sprout mildew and mould, particularly in between tiles and on shower screens. A build-up of soap scum can also make it seem an impossible task to cut through and bring the bathroom back to best, but there is hope!  Supermarket bathroom cleaning products have vastly improved and can dissolve mould and soap scum in minutes, but be sure to follow the instructions, wear gloves and keep the room well ventilated. 

Kitchens can, at first glance, be seen as clean, but closer inspection can yield issues.  If a refrigerator is part of the lease, it needs to be odour free and sparkling, and tenants often forget to give the oven a good clean too. Kitchen bin areas, including the floor, can also become heavily stained and stinky, whilst overstuffed and rarely cleaned pantries can house weevils and other nasties.  Be sure to strip back every cupboard and storage space in the kitchen and give empty and cleaned pantry cupboards a quick spray with insecticide.

If stains seem just too much and the thought of cleaning the oven gives you anxiety, you may want to invest in a cleaner to ensure you get your full bond back. 

Hire a Professional Cleaner
The time saving will far outweigh the cost of any professional cleaner like Cleanfocus to complete your end of lease clean! Look for a cleaner who specialises in end of lease services as they will know which areas to hit, such as blinds, picture rails, kitchens and bathrooms. Before booking your cleaner it’s wise to wait until you have moved out all of your furniture so the cleaner can operate effectively and get an even and effective result. Then, when your landlord or property manager arrives for final inspection, they’ll see a fresh and clean apartment, ready for new tenants to move in!

Focus on Floors

Ask if your cleaner also provides additional services such as professional carpet cleaning. An agent will want to walk into a clean, empty apartment which has fresh, stain-free flooring. If you have pets, pay for a pest control and odour treatment too. A decent deep clean of carpeting and a quick buff of wood flooring can really lift the home and bring it back to best. You can also ask your cleaner if they offer any other added services such as detailed cleans of difficult items such as Venetian blinds and they may also be able to coordinate minor repairs for you too!

Take Photos

It’s important to take plenty of photos to share with the landlord. Focus on existing defects from the original report and remember to record and list any professional carpet cleaning and repairs you have carried out. If there is any significant damage or something which needs major repair, take photos of this too and feedback to your property manager as soon as possible. Assisting the agent and working with them, rather than feeling inspected and judged by them will give you a higher chance of a smooth end of lease inspection and getting your bond money back without issue! Remember, property agents and landlords aren’t out to dupe you or be overly officious when it comes to the end of a property lease. They are looking for a smooth transition just as you are and working together and being open about any defects will improve your end of lease experience.

There you have it. Five end of lease clean hacks to make your moving out experience manageable and stress-free, leaving you free to move into and focus on your new home and the next chapter of your life!



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