5 Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Shine!

cleaning hacks

For most of us, cleaning the bathroom is one of the worst household chores and one that we put off until we really have to get the job done.  It’s the worst room in a shared house and gets messy real quick in a family home. If you live alone, it really can be a depressing job on the weekly list.

We at Clean Focus are about to deliver to you five bathroom cleaning hacks that will give you time back, a sparkling bathroom, and a reason to enjoy having a lovely hot shower or a relaxing bath without the sight of mildew and dirty taps looking back at you.

Get Your Chrome Fixtures Shining

bathroom cleaning hacks

There are plenty of cleaning products out there to bring a high shine to your tap faucets, but if you are waiting for your flatmate to do the grocery shop, or hanging out for payday, you can use a product you already have in your shower caddy. Shaving cream! Yep, a small squirt of shaving cream rubbed gently on your chrome fixtures and then rinsed will have them sparkling like new!

Clean Your Bathroom By Having A Rest!

bathroom cleaning hacks

Lots of household bathroom cleaners market themselves as ‘spray and wipe’ but what most don’t tell you (or, it’s written in the small print on the label), is that waiting a few minutes really does take the elbow grease out of the bathroom cleaning job and delivers a superior cleaning finish. So, spray your surfaces and tiles and then take a time-out. Enjoy a cup of tea, pop on a face mask, or check the footy scores. When you return to the bathroom, it’ll take less effort to wipe and rinse, revealing sparkling white tiles and smear free shower doors!

Best Way To Remove Mildew From Your Shower Curtain

bathroom cleaning hacks

If you have a plastic shower curtain, it’s likely that mildew and mould have begun to creep along the bottom and up the material. It can be a fruitless task trying to spray and wipe the large sheet as it flails about on its hooks. The easiest and quickest way to treat your shower curtain is to take it off the hooks and pop in the washing machine on a cold wash. Add a couple of towels to protect the plastic and stop it ripping and twisting along with some laundry detergent and half a cup of bicarbonate of soda.  Pop it on a quick wash and Voila! you will have a spotless, clean and fresh shower curtain to re-hang in your shower.

How To Treat A Smelly Bathroom Bin

bathroom cleaning tips

Bathroom bins get the worst job of all. They are filled with all sorts of items that can become a little bit whiffy. By adding a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda into the bottom of your bin liner and using scented bin bags, you can take away that damp old, bin smell and have a room which smells fresh and feels clean every day.

How To Clean Hard To Reach Air Vents

bathroom cleaning tips

Many bathrooms have air vents which get clogged full of dust bunnies. This causes the fan to become ineffective and can increase the speed in which your bathroom grows mould and mildew.  An air vent or bathroom fan which operates at peak performance means less frequent mould cleaning, however, the most common reason for clogged up vents and fans is the fact that they are so hard to reach and clean.  Worry no more with a simple can of air! You know the aerosol you use to clean out your keyboard? Grab one of those, stand safely on a step ladder or sturdy chair and blow those dust bunnies away!

Common household products such as shaving foam, all-around bathroom and mould sprays, bicarbonate of soda and a spray can of air will take your bathroom cleaning game to the next level, and who knows, you might even start to enjoy the weekly clean and start to spend all of your time in the bathroom!

bathroom cleaning hacks

Cleaning still seem too hard? Speak to Clean Focus about a professional cleaner who can clean your home and give you some much needed time back.






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